Management and Governance

Globe Union is fortunate to have a highly skilled and capable team of management board members who provide strong and significant insights into the management of the company, and lead us in maintaining a profitable and sustainable business.

Founded in 1979 by Scott Ouyoung, Globe Union is a global professional design and manufacture of sanitary products based in Taichung Taiwan.

We have more than 5 million square feet of manufacturing, assembly facilities, and distribution centers. We currently own several international brands, and are an OEM for many world-renowned distributors.

Management Board Member Profile

Todd Talbot

Chief Executive Officer

Todd Talbot is the Chief Executive Officer of Globe Union.

Mr. Talbot joins the company with over 35 years of experience within the Plumbing/ Building Products Industry; over half of which have been in General Management roles of world class manufacturing businesses.  This includes extensive time at Masco Corporation (1988-2007) and most recently as President of Fluidmaster.

Keith Yurko

Chief Executive Officer
North American Brand and Private Brand

Keith Yurko is the President of the North American Brand and Private Brand of Globe Union.

Mr. Yurko brings over three decades of industry experience to the organization and has served in a range of senior-level roles. Keith was Globe Union’s first employee in North America and has served the company for over 20 years.

His experiences spans across many areas including operations, product development, project management, sales and marketing, as well as engineering, quality and manufacturing.

Eric Chen

Chief Financial Officer

Eric Chen is the Chief Financial Officer of Globe Union.

He has worked for the company for over 15 years, and is the Group Treasury Head and spokesman of Globe Union.

Richard George

Chief Executive Officer of PJH

Richard George took over the role of Chief Executive Officer of PJH from Andrew Yates, former CEO of Globe Union. Richard has worked for PJH since 2011, applying his industry experience and client management skills to enrich the portfolio of our corporate management.

Previously, he worked for Freemans Grattan Holdings during which he developed a close working relationship with the owners, Otto Group.

Lourdes Lee

Executive Vice President of
Business Administration

2007 join GU, had the luxury to rotate in different positions including sales, strategic planning, operations and HR while interacting closely with group wide business units.

The new role as Executive VP of Business admin including business analysis and information as well as HR.

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